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Tee Chin Hian Partner

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Law (Honours) @ University of Leeds, West Yorkshire
  • Legal Intern @ Anuar Hong & Ong (Kg Attap office)
  • Para Legal @ Tai King & Partners (USJ office) from 1-1-2013 till Sept, 2013
  • Commenced pupillage @ Tai King & Partners (USJ office) from Sept, 2013 till 31-12-2013
  • Continued with pupillage @ Yap Siew Yee & Co since 1-1-2014
  • Practising at Yap Siew Yee & Co since 1-10-2014
  • Elevated as partner of the firm with effect from 1-12-2020

About Tee Chin Hian

His reason of choosing lawyer as his career path is very simple. That was due to the influence of the movie and TV drama series. After joining the legal profession, he then realized that the reality and the shows that he watched are totally 2 different things. Yet, he never regret to have made such a choice. Instead, it was one of the very right choices that he has ever made in his life.

TEE said, in his own words, “The sense of satisfaction is the major reason for me to continue my path in this profession is where I can use my legal knowledge and skill to assist client to solve their problem or to obtain an outcome favourable to client”.

PASSION is his strength in the profession. With this passion strongly ignited inside him, he will continue to put in all his effort to do anything within his knowledge, skill and expertise, of course, ethics, to be of service to the clients and to those in need.

His key areas of practice are in construction dispute and company & commercial dispute. He does also handle a fair bit of estate dispute matters which could relate him to the movie and TV dramas that used to be his source of influence (or inspiration). Given his interest in intellectual property, TEE will be venturing also in the area of intellectual property dispute in the near future.

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