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Tan Kheng Aik Legal Assistant

  • Graduated with a LLB (Honours) External UOL in 2014
  • Intern @ Soo Thien Ming & Nashrah (Klang office) from 2013-2014
  • Worked as a legal adviser @ Legacy Management Department, of Rockwill Trustee Berhad from 2015-2016
  • Continued with pupilage @ Yap Siew Yee & Co in 2017
  • Called to the Bar in 2018

About Tan Kheng Aik

TAN always believe that a legal profession is an intellectual stimulating profession. As a young lawyer, he treats each case as unique on its own and he always finds ways to learn something new in each and every case under his care.

His strength in the profession is his ability to think logically and make reasonable judgment based on the information and facts made available to him. He is very organized in terms of handling the cases and also in his presentation of work.

What TAN has always been looking forward to in this legal profession is what he called the “personal growth”. Learning is a never-ending process and this is especially true in legal profession. Law evolves, so do lawyers.

With his exposure in debt recovery matters and construction dispute, he is seeking to specialize in corporate litigation and arbitration and adjudication cases. Slowly in years to come, he will also want to expand his area of practice to intellectual property matters.

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